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Custom Medals

We are proud to offer medals among our product line-up. Medals and medallions are great for sporting awards. We already have designs created for many of the most common sports, like Aussie rules, hockey, martial arts, netball, footy and cricket. We also have generic medals upon which we can imprint your team’s logo or another image for your sport.


Sports Medals Custom Designed for All Occasions

All of our sports medals come with elegant ribbons so that you can place them around the recipients’ necks, just as they do in the Olympics. We will engrave each medal with whatever message you like and we have no limits on our engraving capabilities.

There is something about receiving a medal that makes the receiver feel incredible. You only have to watch the Olympics to see that when an athlete receives a medal, they feel immensely proud. It is ceremoniously placed around the neck where it has a special place near the heart; you can be sure that the recipient will retain that keepsake and it will always remind them of that day and what they achieved.

Perfect for Sports and Other Competitions

At Trophy Specialists, we have a range of sports medals available so you will be able to find a medal that is perfect for your occasion. We have medals for regular sporting events, including basketball, cricket, cross country, volleyball, tennis and so on. We also manufacture medals for golf tournaments, swimming or martial art competitions, dancing and performing events, and academic achievements. Medals are equally suitable for chess or card tournaments, achievements in music, or for lifeguards who have qualified. Whatever skill, achievement, or event you want to recognise, we have a medal to suit the purpose and the recipient. All medals come with an elegant ribbon so they can be worn around the neck.

Trophy Specialists manufacture and engrave our sports medals in-house, so when you order your medals from us, everything is taken care of from start to finish. If you buy your medals in bulk, you will benefit from savings – and you can relax in the knowledge that you have enough medals to go around. Every participant will be able to take home a special keepsake to remind them of the day.

Get in touch with us today to create stunning sports medals that will truly make your team members feel special. They’ll be blown away by our custom designs!